Empowering through Education

A well-spoken guest put it better than I would have: “God enabled a couple acres of undeveloped jungle to be transformed into the Emmaus school.” In just 15 months, our remote and seemingly unprivileged village –Kizigo – now boasts a Christ-centered school and a well, thanks to our friends who have a had selfless hand in this invaluable project.

It is almost impossible to believe what God has done, and how He has used His people to reach where we are now; because, indeed, it all started with a single prayer in a circle where the school straddles at present.

Yes, I still remember that day with great nostalgia because the friends with whom we prayed were also in attendance on the official opening of the school on the 2nd of July. We marched with alacrity joining a happy throng of jubilant children in their indomitable, celebratory spirits as the band graced us with music the trumpets and drums produced.

It was a moment of joy that our humble village will take aeons to forget. We danced and celebrated, and also got time to share and learn more about each other, especially the children and the teachers. We bless the Lord for all our friends who have sacrificed their all in order to achieve this.